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Nails, Inside Nose, Gums Between Teeth, Eyes, Inner Eyelid, Tongue

Nails, Inside Nose, Gums Between Teeth, Eyes, Inner Eyelid, Tongue

Recently diagnosed with pretty severe eczema. I have it head to toe - literally.

I have researched, but can't find any info about what to do concerning the eczema that has invaded my fingernails and toenails, both under them, inside them, and on top of them, as well as on the cuticles and the skin on either side of the nails.

I also have eczema up my nose and want to know how to deal with that.

To make it more exciting, at the corners of my eyes by… read more

A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Hi I would love to show you our berries, xx they work amazing on the skin because you take them orally and they are natural, also drink loads of water xx how are you now?

posted 3 months ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Not sure, but doctor seem not to be able to help. So I have to take the bull by the horns! Remembering all advice your doctor gave you.
I believe we are having an allergic reaction.
That is my guess. Google most allergic foods. Make a list and a journal.
Try to go pesticides free.
You may start small.
Start in the morning. Any and all foods that you suspect
to be allergens, don't eat. Eat only those that are not suspect.
1st take your pulse from relaxed state(sitting) , journal it.
Next Step1:
food from your list, rub on your bend of your arm, in that soft spot.
Wait 5 minutes, check pulse from relax state,
Than check pulse from relax state,every 10-15 minutes for an hour. Journal results. If you have no reaction, your pulse does not go up nor hive at site , do step 2.
Next, Step 2:
rub on cheek and repeat as on step 1. If no reaction go on to next step. Journal results.
take your pulse from relax state,
Rub food on exterior of bottom lip, wait the 5 ...
Again if no reaction go on to step 4.
Take pulse...
Repeat step1.
Rub on inner part of lip...
Repeat step1
Repeat step1.
So here if you have not had any reaction go on to step 6.
But if you have a reaction STOP!
YOUR pulse would have an elevation. You have a sign.
Journal big possibly. Don't eat. Use a red pen circle it.
If not go on to step 6.
STEP6: take pulse, journal.
Rub on tongue,do step 1.
Follow these steps to find your allergens.
Take your findings to your doctor.
Keep your journal and AVOID all the foods your allergic to.
Take pulse.
Chew a small amount.
Repeat step 1
Take pulse.
If absolutely no reaction . Go on
Take pulse.
Chew and swallow a very small piece.
Take pulse.
Remember taking pulse through out the hour is very important!!!
Same with the journaling.
I did this with my family. And was very helpful. It takes time. But it was the safest way for us. And you don't need to do all steps in one day. Spread it out over a week. Especially for children. Allergic reactions elevate your pulse.
Blessings ❤💕

posted 4 months ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I use cotton undies ,cotton blouses and pants. no polyester or wools.I use silk PJ with least amount of Seams.double rinse your wash,do not use softeners liquid or sheets. I use dryerballs.

posted 2 months ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I hear what you say but I feel you are just trying to sell a product

posted 3 months ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Do you believe the water is making you worse or the bottles, yes I would love for you to try what we did, question do you feel better If you are not around your dog,
I know, & I get he or she is big part of your family,
But it may be possible you could be allergic to your pet also, could we possibly get in contact? So I can show you about the berries

posted 3 months ago
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