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Anyone Eles Allergic To Oatmeal?

Anyone Eles Allergic To Oatmeal?

I have ben allergic to oatmeal all my life but i havent really met other people who have eczema and been allergic to oatmeal too! Everyone always tells me to try it but i have and i am allergic! One doctor told me i couldnt be allergic to oatmeal because it was a natural product and asked me if i was sure thats what i tried!😒

A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Allergies like eczema are so individual. Don't listen to nay sayers. They probably have never heard of such and are unwilling to admit it. Stick to your knowledge of yourself.

posted 15 days ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

My son was allergic to oatmeal when younger and would get eczema behind his ears. Ironically, oatmeal bath is a treatment but made it worse. He has grown out of this allergy, but it is possible to be allergic to oatmeal 💯!

posted 10 days ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

grrrrrrrrrrr/////and hugs to you and all of us

posted 19 days ago
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