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Any Tried And Tested Solutions For Eczema Around The Eyes?
A MyEczemaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I've had eczema all my life, mostly in my elbows and behind my knees. As a child it was hard trying not to itch and as I grew older it became easier to manage. In my late teens early 20s it got really bad around my eyes and mouth. I emigrated to Australia just over 10 years ago and within a year it all cleared up
In the past year it has flared up again and its really starting to affect my self esteem. The skin around my eyes is always red, I can't wear make-up and and eyes constantly stream
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posted July 3, 2022
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A MyEczemaTeam Member

Triple Antibiotic Ointment from the 99 cents store

posted August 26, 2022
A MyEczemaTeam Member

Yes im battleing it all the time its bad ive been trying castor oil doesnt harm my eyes and i think it helps

posted July 6, 2022
A MyEczemaTeam Member

Try taking fish oil to see if it helps, I too have it around my eyes after going 10 years without a flare up. I have been using Aquafor Advanced Therapy. It feels Vaseline but it has helped clear it some.

posted July 5, 2022
A MyEczemaTeam Member

Im trying castor oil

posted July 3, 2022

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