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How Do I Get Rid Of This Rash Which I Still Do Not Know What It Is?Steroids Worked But Then It Came Back With Avengence.
A MyEczemaTeam Member asked a question 💭

it is not itchy.

posted November 16, 2022
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My Doctor prescribed Dupixent for my Eczema..I've had this Illness since December 2017...This is the only medication that has worked for me... It's very expensive, so my Doctor reached out to the manufacturer to assist me...They've been sending me Free injections or Coupons since March 2018...I Pray that you get a relief really soon.. It'll drive you Insane if you have no support...I joined every support group I could find..

C. A.

posted November 19, 2022
A MyEczemaTeam Member

Could be inflammatory. Still infected need antibiotics

posted November 19, 2022

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