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Foot Excema

Foot Excema

I have it on both feet and my heels are starting to crack again. It’s miserable, I’m wondering if it’s cold weather or swimming in the pool.

posted January 18
A MyEczemaTeam Member

Could be both, could be neither. I hate that the source of eczema is always such a mystery 😞 I hope you find out what’s making you flare

posted January 19
A MyEczemaTeam Member

For some chlorine is definitely a trigger. For many the cold is. I would like to do the work up with an allergist. Just so much work and committment and more appointments. But I have to try something to see if I can identify it. I wasn't functional as a person in the amount of pain and disfigurement so I gave into Dupixent which is saving my life but I don't want to stop there. I want to get to the bottom of it. So frustrating as it's different things for different people.

posted 5 days ago

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