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Aloe Vera For Babies

Aloe Vera For Babies

Hi everyone
Has anyone tried to use aloe vera for your babies eczema?

A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Have a look into this one. Works in a couple of hours on my baby girl

posted over 2 years ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I use this all the time for me when my ezcema flares on my face and hands. I use it on my kids too when needed. Its great. I usually use a cream or something after as the gel is a little sticky. V

posted about 3 years ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Yes I used it straight from the plant on my baby when he was 5months old. It gives temporary relief but it is not a good treatment overall. Use CereVe lotion for babies right after a Luke warm bath! Trust me, my son had it really bad until around 9 months it slowly got better and this is the only thing that helped.

posted 6 months ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I mix a few drops of tea treee oil with aloe vera in a small container. This isn't quite as sticky as the gel itself, and it very soothing. Hope this helps!

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I have! I use it when the skin is red, hot, & “leaky”

posted about 2 years ago
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