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Avoiding Triggers
A MyEczemaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I’ve had eczema my whole life going from doctors to dermatology to hospital. The past couple months it has been Very bad and now I seem to find being around my dog (which ain’t hairy) is maybe making it worse? I’ve had my dog for 5 years and My skin has not flared from this but as I said the past couple months I feel like I’ve just became allergic or something. Could this be possible?

posted May 8, 2018
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A MyEczemaTeam Member

My doc said your body goes though an approx 7 year cycle so you can develop allergy’s you didn’t have before. I found out at the age of 22 I have a nut allergy. I’d eaten them no problem up until then

posted September 24, 2018
A MyEczemaTeam Member

Yes I have allergies to many things that never used to effect me. And it does seem like "all of a sudden" for no particular reason... 😕

posted July 17, 2018
A MyEczemaTeam Member

After a lot of suffering I got skin tested and found out I am allergic to 27 environmental and animal and all moderately not severely. However I get grate ups and it can last a few days. I have a fig and notice I’m allergic to her fender. I notice my symptoms lessen once I wash her and clean the house.

posted July 26, 2019
A MyEczemaTeam Member

I'm starting to think my skin irritations are caused by ingested food types. Previous IBS type assessments got me to reducing my lactose intake which has helped my gutted but my skin has flare-ups and no creams or moistures are really helping. Instinctively it feels like it's coming from withing. Any ideas?

posted January 26, 2019
A MyEczemaTeam Member

i'm not generally allergic to my dog either, she a Bishon Frise. However, if she hasn't been washed for a couple of weeks I get sores and rash on my arms when I hugged her. I believe it's because I'm allergic to the salvia and sweat in her woolly coat. If she licks me it also happens. When she's very clean it doesn't happen.

posted September 21, 2018

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