Has anyone ever been to a Allergy and Lung specialist for allergy tests to determine if allergies are the triggers to your Eczema?

Has anyone ever been to a Allergy and Lung specialist for allergy tests to determine if allergies are the triggers to your Eczema?

I've been told that triggers can be a result of allergies and that proper diagnosis is key to helping to control flare-ups.
What I've found out is that these tests are done in a series of racks ( rows of samples, downside your back ). Sets of samples done per sessions, this seems to be very painful. I'm NOT a fan of needles, is there another way to determine what things your allergic… read more

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I have never been to an Allergy and Lung Specialist before. Didn’t even know there was a combination of those two together. I have had eczema for 26 years. I have been to over 16 Allergists, Dermatologist, Internists. I have been on a drug study thru the hospital. I have been on cancer drugs as well.
Some doctors believe that the prick, patch, or blood test is more accurate, —depends on the doctor. The prick test can be painful but honestly the needles aren’t very big and they are clustered in tiny squares. Now, if you are indeed allergic to the allergen being tested, then yes, it can be painful, because I was allergic to almost everyone so I just wanted to claw myself to pieces. The needles, themselves, though aren’t bad.
Blood is the simplest and certainly the most pain free way to go. Still a needle, but just one, and if you are allergic —you don’t feel the reaction.
The patch —I hated! I was itching like crazy before I even left the clinic and you are supposed to wear them for three days. You can’t get them wet. And I being allergic, to 95% of the allergens, was in misery for those three days. I’ve had all the tests done more than once. I prefer blood.
They preform the tests on your back because it’s big and flat, and if you break out on your back, on the thickest skin, you would break out elsewhere.
I’m not sure where you live but if you live close to Arkansas and are having any doubts about who to use Allergists or Dermatologist—I have one of each that I would recommend. Took me years to find them, but both helped me more than anyone. I was able to get off all medication after seeing them. They found things years of doctors couldn’t find.
Best wishes to you!

posted 7 months ago
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I had the scratch test with needles on my back done by an allergist who also sees asthma patients. I too have heard that eczema and allergies go hand in hand. I've been on xolair for 18 months which is for asthma patients with allergies. I di not have asthma but my father did. The xolair isn't working. I am still incredibly itchy. My doctor is currently working to appeal a denial by my insurance company for Dupixent.

posted 21 days ago
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My daughter had the needle testing done at age 6 (19 different pokes in her back, not pleasant)... not allergic to any of them. She is now 11, going to Children's Hospital to have patch testing (little band aids with allergens on them) done in few weeks... hopefully find something with that!

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It's not that bad. You will learn what your triggers are and if you have a reaction they administer an antedote immediately. The needles are very tiny and not painful at all. I used to be deathfully afraid of needles, but I'm not anymore. Beat of luck.

posted 5 months ago
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Thank You

posted 6 months ago
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