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How do I soothe a dry, sensitive, red face?

How do I soothe a dry, sensitive, red face?

Every 6-8 months, my face seems to dry out and gets horrible red patches. I wonder if my skin is getting used to the moisturiser I use and then suddenly reacting against it?
I discovered Clinique Moisture Surge Intense ansmd it worked miracles but now makes it red and itchy!!!!
Has anyone else experienced this? I absoloutly wont use steriods on my face - jyst want a nice creamy moisturiser that is fragrance free and kind.

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A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

My doctor has suggested Epaderm as a moisturiser, very quick results although it takes a good half hour to soak in. Great for overnight. I find Clinique… read more

posted 5 months ago
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