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Does Anyone Have Excema On Your Eyes?

Does Anyone Have Excema On Your Eyes?

My excema flares on my eyes. It came out of nowhere. The corners, ducts, edges, lids. So bad that it swells my eyes shut..boom .. overnight
Burning, poking like needles. I do get other spots now like in my ears, sides of mouth edges of nose. But the eyes..ugh-so bad.I have been on taper downs of prednisone 20 days at a time with about a week in between. It's the only thing that has controlled it so far. Anyone else with this? Other remedies that have worked? I'm going to get allergy… read more

A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I have used the same spray that I use for my nose. I spay it on a cleaned finger and rub it on my eye lids. It gives some relief.

posted 15 days ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

I think you need an eye drop RX.and take some anti histamine like zyrtec twice a day(by RX of course).Zyrtec is better than benadryl because it will not make you sleepy.I hope you are a adult. I do not advise this to pediatric patients. Pediatrician should see the baby.

posted 3 months ago
A MyEczemaTeam Member said:

Diet has an important role, but the quantity and quality is important too, that why we help from the inside out, x

posted 4 months ago
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